Hefio – Individually optimized sound

Your sound profile in 10 seconds with a single click

Hefio is taking a completely different approach towards a fully personalized hearing experience. Our self-calibrating headphones are capable of producing a sound spectrum that is individually optimized for your unique ears.


The built-in microphones capture the sound inside the ear canals.


The standalone Signal Processor analyzes the sound and makes an accurate estimate of the sound spectra at the eardrums.


Now you are ready to enjoy the perfect audio optimized for your unique ears!

Your ears are unique.

Individual differences between the in-ear spectra within a test group of 60 subjects with similar physiological characteristic.

Everyone’s ears are different and therefore everyone hears sound differently. The differences are huge. Even more surprisingly, your right and left ears have their own unique characteristics.

Still normal headphones don’t take individual differences into account. This leads to a problem. The sound is always colored: it’s just like wearing colored lenses all the time. This results in reduced sound quality for all users.

Hefio are the only headphones that deliver the sound without any coloration – as it is in reality.

Hefio Play are your perfect headphones!

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