We design headphones that deliver individually optimized sound for your unique ears.

2012 - The Journey Starts

The publication of the doctoral thesis of Hefio’s founder, Marko Hiipakka, in 2012 laid the groundwork for Hefio’s self-calibrating headphones. Marko’s research revealed how to optimize headphone calibration in an acoustically transparent manner. International recognition of this breakthrough calibration method is longstanding, beginning with the Best Paper Award at the 126th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society.

2014 - Hefio Oy

Hefio Oy was founded in 2014. Marko Hiipakka and a team of professional acoustic developers took their own challenge to create a revolutionary product which unleashes the potential of several new facets of the audio and acoustic industry. The team met the challenge with the release of the first generation of Hefio’s headphones. Towards the end of the year, we received the first round of funding from Business Finland formerly known as Tekes.

2016 - Hefio One

In 2016 we launched our first product, Hefio One. That model achieved our sound quality standards, but it required a separate calibrator application to be installed in a smartphone and/or computer. At the end of 2016 we received a second round of funding from Business Finland for an R&D project called CRESCENDO.