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General questions

What is “Hefio PersonalEQ”?

The Hefio PersonalEQ is a Windows and Mac OS X plug-in used to implement the personalized parameters. This plug-in allows the personalized listening. It is a background process through which the master output is guided.

What is “Hefio Player”?

The Hefio Player is an Android smartphone music player application. It also functions as a measurement instrument for calibration. Hefio Player implements the personalized parameters in to the smartphone. After the calibration, music played with Hefio Player is personalized to fit your ears.

Can I use the headphones without using the Hefio Player on my Android smartphone?

Yes. However, the individualized output is not usable with other music players.

Can I use the headphones in other devices without calibration and Hefio Software ?

Yes. And it sounds good even without individualization.

Technical questions

What does flat frequency response mean and how do I benefit from it?

Normally the frequency response of headphones is not flat. It contains notches and bumps, especially in mid- and high-frequency sections. These have an effect on the perceived sound quality. The flat frequency response, however, is flat across the whole frequency range. As a result the headphones do not make any changes to the sound quality. In addition to the flat target a natural (HRTF-based) target can be chosen.

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