We spent hundreds of days working with world-class acoustic researches and audio engineers to create Hefio headphones

Founder and CEO

Mr. Marko Hiipakka D.Sc., Hefio’s Founder and CEO. Marko has formerly worked with spatial sound and hearing technology at Aalto University and at Oldenburg University, Germany. He holds a Ph.D. in Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing. In his thesis, Estimating pressure at the eardrum for binaural reproduction, from 2012, he developed new methods of calibrating circumaural and insert headphones for spatial sound reproduction. In addition, he has experience in marketing and sales, business relations, product management, and project management. He is an expert in Audio signal processing, Industrial 3D-design, Acoustical modeling, Hearing aid technology, IPR-­law, Industrial economics, as well as Electronics manufacturing and assembly.


Mr. Juha Backman, Chief Technology Officer, is a world-leading expert and top scientist in audio signal processing, particularly in the field of loudspeakers and headphones. His publications include ten granted patents in mobile phone technology, two Journal of the Audio Engineering Society papers, and over 50 conference publications. Most of these publications are related to loudspeakers, motivated by a desire to understand more deeply the underlying principles of these devices with apparently unlimited hidden complexity. He graduated with an M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Acoustics from Helsinki University of Technology, 1991. From 1994 onwards, he has taught acoustics, nowadays giving a biannual course in electroacoustics. He joined Nokia Corporation at the end of 1994, and moved to Microsoft with the corporate merger in 2014. In 2015, he joined PuroNovo engineering company to develop active noise and vibration control for Kone Corporation’s elevators, and Genelec as a researcher in loudspeaker signal processing. He has served as the Vice Chairman for the Audio Engineering Society’s (AES) Technical Committee on Loudspeakers and Headphones. He was awarded an AES Fellowship in 2012.

Co-Founder and Board Member

Mrs. Catarina Hiipakka Ph.D. is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, in Aalto University. She holds a Ph. D. in Psychoacoustics, specializing in hearing, multisensory perception, and auditory adaptation processes. In recent years, she has worked in various research projects, including topics such as the adaptation to headphone-delivered sounds, perception of sound discomfort, sound detection, and more recently sound perception by hearing­-impaired populations.

Software Engineer

Kai Kuosmanen holds a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) degree in Electronics Engineering from Aalto University and he is currently writing his master’s thesis in Acoustics and Audio Technology at Aalto University. He has 15 years of expertise in audio and digital signal processing, electronics design, embedded systems, software development and agile software processes. He has previously worked as a software developer at CGI.

Junior Hardware Engineer

Jon Fagerström is a senior year electronics student in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He is currently working on his bachelor’s thesis on Headphone Factory Acoustical Testing and Calibration. He has expertise in digital signal processing, acoustical measurements, electronics design and assembly.

Marketing Manager

Olga Yurbacheva holds a M.Sc. (Master of Science) degree in Economics and Business Administration from Aalto University School of Business and a CEMS Master in International Management degree. She has expertise across several business areas including marketing, communications, key account management, international B2B sales, Russian and Eastern European consumer electronics market, international logistics and international HR. She has formerly worked at Rovio, Konecranes and Golla.