Hefio joins forces with Genelec and Ida Audio

We are excited to announce strategic partnership with Genelec and IDA Audio. Genelec is the world leader in professional audio monitoring. IDA Audio is offering ground-breaking HRTF technology. This announcement takes place at Slush Music, an event that brings music, technology, and entrepreneurship together.

Everyone’s ears are different, not only in shape but also acoustically. Headphones fail to take this into account. The sound coloration caused by individual differences can be significant. Because of this, conventional headphone design cannot ensure that every user hears the sound exactly as intended.

This problem is especially significant in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality applications where sound must be individually optimized to create a truly immersive listening experience.

Despite significant efforts, reliable methods for automatic individualized calibration of headphones have not been found because there has been no way of knowing precisely the sound spectrum that is reproduced for a specific user.

Hefio has now developed scientifically proven breakthrough technology solving this problem and enabling equalization of the sound spectrum at the eardrum individually and reliably. The effect is overwhelming. VR Audio is one of the applications benefiting greatly with increased realism and accuracy. This also brings great improvements for music enthusiasts. Guaranteed precision of the frequency balance is especially important for audio professionals, who can rely on Hefio headphones to deliver a consistent listening experience every time.

In recent years, the visual presentation in VR headsets has significantly improved while audio reproduction has largely remained with the standard technology. Earlier this year, Genelec and IDA Audio announced a pioneering cooperation in personal measurement of the head-related transfer function (HRTF). Together with Hefio, these companies form a world-class research alliance, with the ambition to discover and deliver the most realistic immersive audio experience for headphone users.

Hefio’s first standalone digital headphones, Hefio Play measures the sound the user hears by using microphones built into the headphones. Then, Hefio Play optimizes the sound by removing sound coloration and compensating for personal anatomic differences and by adding a desired sound character pre-set, or “target response” at the eardrum. This happens entirely inside the signal processing unit of the headphones.

Hefio demonstrates a prototype of Hefio Play, their first standalone digital product, on December 1st, at Slush, in booth A.4.


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