Spring always brings good news.

We’ve been working for this for a long time. We are now ready to have you experiencing our high-quality self-calibrating headphones.

Saturday, the 19th, we are launching the Hefio Store online, here on our website. You can click the store button (when available) on the top of the page and choose your best option.


We have two different packages for you to choose from, attending to your own needs. Hefio One consists of a limited beta version, with the headphones, calibrator and player software for Android, calibrator software for iPhone and Windows phone and Hefio Personal EQ -software for OS X and Windows.

Hefio One Premium has some special tools, directed especially to professionals. Adding to all the Hefio One goods, you can have also access to download impulse response of Hefio EQ – function, download individual in-ear recordings and convolution EQ in OsX and Windows.



Because we are launching the store we have something special, besides the Hefio One high-quality headphones, prepared for you:

  • Really good discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Discount coupons, to further purchases, for every feedback we get

Stay tuned this Saturday, and prepare yourself to a high-quality sound experience, personalized just for you.