Headphone Fidelity Individually Optimized

The Most Truthful Reproduction of Sound on Headphones

HEFIO develops a new generation individualized headphone calibration technology that delivers greater tonal & spatial accuracy in sound reproduction than any other commercial solution available today.
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HEFIO - Headphone Fidelity Individually Optimized

Just as loudspeakers are calibrated for the room they are placed in, headphones should be optimized for each ear they couple in order to adjust the sound reproduction for the unique ear canal acoustics of each individual. By individually optimizing the headphone sound reproduction, HEFIO delivers the sound with outstanding clarity, definition, and neutrality to the eardrum of each individual listener; providing an aural experience on headphones that can only be achieved in professional listening environments with loudspeakers.

HEFIO for Music Professionals

Mixing & Mastering

HEFIO provides the most reliable solution to mix and master on headphones with confidence. Enabled by the tonal & spatial accuracy of HEFIO, you can accurately judge the tonal balance of your mix and pan confidently on headphones.


With HEFIO you can achieve more articulate performances on headphones when recording. The truthful sound reproduction provides an accurate and high resolution feedback of your playing, enabling you for more genuine performances in an immersive soundstage.


You can get a better aural perspective on your musical material. HEFIO enables you to bring your musical material to life through a trully accurate and immersive soundstage to capture its musical potential in full detail even when working on headphones.

 HEFIO for Investors

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