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Within the last 10 years the headphone market showed rapid growth -and so the customer expectations. While hi-fi headphones were luxury items in the past, today they have almost become the norm. However, the challenge of achieving truthful hi-fi sound is not over yet. Headphones still fail to match the sonic experience and accuracy of hi-fi loudspeakers. We are here to change that. And we invite you to take your seat in spearheading a new generation of headphones delivering an unprecedented sonic experience through individualized headphone calibration technologies.

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Why Invest?


The headphones market is changing rapidly and we have 3 good reasons for you to invest in it with us!

1. The Only Technology to Reinvent The Headphone Experience
Despite there are already other calibration solutions available, HEFIO’s approach to headphone calibration is the only scientifically proven method to deliver the sound with 99.9% accuracy and precision for each and every listener -the key requirements of true hi-fi audio. With such accuracy in sound reproduction, HEFIO is the only solution to deliver the exact acoustic impressions of real acoustic spaces and to create a natural listening experience on headphones; reinventing the headphone experience particularly for professional audio, gaming, VR/AR, and portable entertainment.
2. Calibration is Already Becoming A Thing
We might be providing the most cutting-edge solution in calibration, but we are not the first ones to test its market success. During the past 5 years, several other companies have also introduced different calibration solutions and achieved significant growth. The key success factor has been that even with lesser calibration solutions, the improvements in sound quality are beyond what can be achieved with conventional headphone technologies. With the customer demand on high quality sound, calibration will be the next big thing in the global headphones market.
3. Increased Mobility and Portability
We live in an age of mobility and portability. And we can clearly see its effects everywhere. Netflix is launching mobile friendly series for its customers who are on the road. Large music studios are losing profits as musicians only need their laptops to produce music anywhere and anytime they want. With the rise of music streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal, we now have access to our music libraries wherever we go. With the increased mobility of users, the portability of high-quality sound becomes the key customer demand; hence the customer expectations from headphones are constantly increasing, creating major market opportunities for headphone technologies.

What Do We Offer?

A Team of Experts
We are a team of experts in headphone acoustics, human hearing, and digital signal processing with 100+ scientific publications in total. Learn more.
Go-to-market Product
We already have a working prototype and we are currently working on design finalizations and optimizations for the go-to-market product.
Strong Partners
We are strategic partners with Genelec and IDA Audio. Together we strive to build the future of portable hi-fi audio on headphones.

Interested? Let's Have a Talk!

If you are interested then please reach us at marko.hiipakka@hefio.com and let's have a talk. We are looking for partners and investors to join us in our journey to reinvent the future of headphones.