Headphone Fidelity Individually Optimized

Sound is all that matters.

No matter how we monitor the sound, the goal is always the same: obtaining the sound in its most immaculate form, in its fullness. We believe your headphones should be no exception to that. With that belief in mind, we started our journey to optimize your headphones to deliver the most truthful and reliable sound reproduction. After all; isn’t it the sound all that matters?


Building The Future of Headphone Monitoring

Headphones have been designed with the same analogue principles -and so the analogue limitations for the past 100 years. Conventional headphones are still far away from delivering the listening experience of professional loudspeakers in high-end acoustic spaces. In the age of digital audio, we think it is time for change.

At HEFIO, we are a team of world-class experts in headphone acoustics, human hearing and signal processing united with a common passion for sound and music. And we want to pay our gratitude to the creators behind by providing them the most reliable -and we mean the most reliable- reproduction of their work on headphones through innovative digital technologies in headphone calibration

Our Partners

We are the pioneers in what we do, so are our partners.



We think there is not much to say about Genelec as the name stands by itself; the ultimate pioneer in professional monitoring solutions.

IDA Audio


IDA Audio is a pioneer in developing commercial technologies that provide user-tailored head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) on headphones to achieve ultimate spatial resolution on headphones.


During our journey Business Finland has been one of our key supporters by funding us for CRESCENDO, a R&D project that enabled us to extend the scope of our research.