Even though the conventional headphone technologies have developed significantly in the past decade, the listening experience on headphones in terms of fidelity and realism is still nowhere near listening to loudspeakers in a well treated acoustic environment. At HEFIO, we think it is time to change that. With individualized headphone calibration, HEFIO provides the most truthful sound reproduction on headphones in terms of tonal and spatial accuracy.

No Headphone is Really Hi-Fi Without Calibration
Current headphone technologies are limited by analog design and headphone-ear coupling in delivering a natural listening experience. Due to those limitations, all headphones alter the sound reaching to our eardrum in a particular way. So achieving accurate, high-fidelity sound on headphones comparable to listening to loudspeakers in an acoustically treated listening environment is impossible without headphone calibration.
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Individualized Calibration for Individual Ear Canal Acoustics
While headphone calibration is a must for a truthful and accurate listening experience, calibrating the headphones to a common sound standard is not enough. The way we hear the sounds and how headphones alter the sound that reach to our eardrums are different for each of us. Therefore, each headphone should be calibrated for each individual user.
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HEFIO Individualized Headphone Calibration
HEFIO calibrates the headphone sound reproduction for your individual ear canal acoustics by measuring the headphone frequency response at your eardrum -the final destination of soundwaves before they are fully transmitted to your auditory system. By analyzing the resultant sound at your eardrum, we can optimize the sound reproduction to deliver you the sound as truthful and accurate as you would naturally hear it in ideal acoustic conditions with flat loudspeakers -providing you the most accurate tonal and spatial reproduction of sound on headphones.
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HEFIO automatically measures the acoustic properties of the ear canal and the headphone frequency response at the eardrum to observe what the listener actually hears on the headphones.

Define Target

The algorithm calculates how the individual listener would hear the sound under the desired ideal acoustic conditions (e.g. a recording studio); defining the individual target response curve for the listener.


Finally, HEFIO optimizes the sound reproduction to the defined target response so that the sound is exactly delivered to the listener's eardrum without any alteration; providing a true hi-fi experience.